Client: Cottage Health System

Success: Service line marketing – Orthopedics

One of the great nonprofit organizations in the Central Coast, Cottage Health System is a unique client in that they have approximately 92% market share in their community, across all service lines.  Because of CHS’s prominence in the community, competitors from nearby markets are hungry to erode CHS’s patient census and these competitors mount their attacks on a service-specific basis.  Orthopedics is one of the services most under threat, with big-budget programs from both Northern and Southern California running splashy and costly marketing initiatives in the community.

Cottage Health System Center or Orthopedics

CHS community advertising

Cottage Center for Orthopedics had run successful community seminars that were driving new patients to the program by enabling Cottage orthopedic specialists to meet directly with a large number of potential patients at once, in a presentation-and-discussion format.  My insight was that the community seminars did not have a recognizable brand name, so we suggested that they create a branded program for such activities: Meet the Doctors seminars.  The program was begun in Fall, 2012 and each of the first 3 seminars has been filled to capacity, with a waiting list.  The seminars are supported with a true integrated marketing communications campaign, including print advertising, broadcast (radio) advertising, online marketing and social media as well as direct mail.  Results are tracked by media to provide the optimal return on investment according to each media platform.  The AdWords campaign in particular had great traction, with click-through-rates of more than 3%, using keywords developed over time and shared across Web platforms.

Based on the conversion ratio of seminar attendance to successful patient outcome, the ROI for the marketing program is more than 250%.

Client: Doctors Medical Center – Modesto

Success: Search engine optimization

DMC is on the move!  A Tenet hospital facility, Doctors Medical Center recently acquired a cardiac care facility, Valley Heart Institute.  The all-new, stand-alone Web site we developed needed a full SEO plan to ensure high page ranking in searches.  I created a plan involving SEO principles such as  referencing and repeating content throughout DMC’s online network, as well as recommending revisions to the Tenet-managed Web site and even the facilities’ press release boilerplate.  The result is a page-one search ranking for the Institute.

Success: Facebook “likers” program

In six months of self-management of their Facebook page, DMC had driven 335 likers to their page.  I created a program that involved online and offline initiatives with the goal being to drive new Facebook likers.  The peaks in the chart below correspond to awareness programs run online and offline.  Between project start in August 2012 and October 2012, likers had risen to 4400 – a 1200% increase, at a cost of less than $1000.

Client: Valley Presbyterian Hospital

Success: Driving registrations and attendees to community seminar

Valley Presbyterian Hospital’s strategy for their orthopedic service line, Valley Hip & Knee Institute, centers on semi-annual community seminars.  I developed and executed a program including online and traditional direct mail, email marketing, online advertising and outdoor.  The Spring, 2012 seminar had 45 attendees and a conversion rate of more than 10% – resulting in a return on the hospital’s investment of 400%.  The most recent seminar, held in September, 2012, had more than double the attendance of the Spring seminar – results are still rolling in.