My name is C. Casper Casparian, and I am a marketing communicator.

A lot of people ask me what the “C.” stands for and I usually reply that it’s not a secret but I’ll tell you when we know each other a little better.

I was born in Los Angeles and have lived most of my life here.  I currently reside in Santa Monica, CA with my wife, toddler  daughter and baby son.  I attended some great schools growing up: Viewpoint School and Harvard School (now Harvard-Westlake), before going to Princeton University for college.  Everything after that is in the Background section.  I have traveled “extensively,” though not as extensively or wide-ranging as some, mainly in Western Europe.  My French is rusty and becoming more pidgen all the time.

I don’t have a lot of hobbies but those I do have I pursue with a passion.  One is cycling – I began racing when I was 13, quite a long time ago and have had several multiple-year intervals of racing 30 races or more per year and riding more than 200 miles a week (and on a few occasions, even 200 miles in a day).   The time required (for me) to be a competitive USA Cycling racer is just not available with my family responsibilities, so I am currently in my third or fourth retirement from the sport.  My very accommodating wife allows me space for our 10 bicycles in the garage.

My other main hobby is photography.  I don’t consider myself an artist but photography allows me to exercise a sensitivity to color, light, proportion and emotion, which I feel are essential building blocks of art.  Like cycling, photography is a balance between natural ability, training and equipment – all of them necessary to some degree but none of them a total substitute for the others.  It also allows me to be a bit of a gear-head, but I don’t overdo it.  My equipment in cycling, photography and most other things (like audio equipment and IT gear) is usually a few years old at a given point, helping me earn my nickname, “Old School.”